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March 2011, I learned that Russ Howard, Champion Olympic Curler was coming to the village of Maryfield, SK., my home for the last 15 years. I live in the former Maryfield Union Hospital, which has been transformed into my family home, studios, gallery and gardens. www.atelierestate.com   Atelier is across the street from the community rink and even though I had never participated  I have learned how important the sport of curling is to this and so many communities.
So when I found out the village had won the Harper Collins contest "A Day with Russ Howard" I took out pencils, brushes and watercolours. Mediums I had not touched in 40 years and started to try to capture the image of Russ Howard that had been posted in the local newspaper. I got a good digital image of it and off I went.
First I drew and painted 2 vignettes of Russ and the day he came to town, that morning at the Pancake Breakfast I took the two vignettes and met Russ, meeting  and seeing him for the first time. He was pleased and kindly signed and endorsed them. I framed them and that evening they were auctioned off.
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Later that evening after a wonderful banquet and performances by local talent and a skit that ended including Russ himself I presented
Russ with the final painting that I had created and given to the Village as a gift to Russ. Very graciously late that night Russ took ten minutes
and we had a short but very powerful conversation that sealed my fate. Russ really liked the painting but also what I had named it FOCUS.
A characteristic he said was the best to describe him even though I had never seen him curl in his career it is what intuitively I felt he
possessed. He explained that the sport was huge and growing and we agreed to continue our conversation, we have several times, Russ has
been invaluable! 

This is the finished watercolour painting of Russ Howard.
Painted on 22"x30" stretched 140lb watercolour paper.
The image for publishing was cropped to a close-up.

All Champions paintings are painted on 300lb
large 22 x 30 watercolour paper