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Close ups of parts of the painting CHISHOLM'S VISION 
There are 3 elements set against the Granite stone background. 1st  The Rendering of the building set in 1912 era as if Architect James Chisholm had created a rendering.  Outside details of people, horse, carriage and lamp post.
Layers and shadows being developed.Street scene of coming and going to evening Bonspiel 
Car license plates state Oct 23 & 1912 for the day the Building permit was issued. Marking the birth of Chisholm's Vision as reality.Long perspective of original front and rear towers. Bones of drawing all being brought out of the final drawing for Painting. Many more layers and details to be created.Final drawing for Painting showing most details drawn on 300lb watercolour paper
            If Architect James Chisholm had created a rendering of the Granite, this is what artist J. Childs has imagined James would have painted,
depicting the club in all its glory circa 1912. The official building permit was issued October 23, 1912, which is listed
as the license plates of the 2 autos. With the building completed and open for it's first season September 1913.

The large Original watercolour 22"x 30"commemorative painting was created as a celebration of the history &
100 year anniversary of the erecting of this Tudor Beauty. The Original was raffled and sold at end of year
Men's Banquet for the Club raising over $1800. 50/50 split with Club & Artist.
This painting is part of the Portfolio, it is the first in the Series
Architect James Chisholm had great vision for this Club and the sport of Curling
Artist hand embossed the image into the 300lb paper to create the relief of the plaque to be able to create the third and final element
of the painting. Then she underpainted the plaque to start the many layers of paint to recreate the patina of this bronze plaque
that is mortared into the bricks above the fireplace in the Granite Club's dining room.
Large Prints are available to order on-line
Visit Artist Jaynè Childs at ATELIER ESTATE.COM

or purchase in person at the Winnipeg

These are 13 x 19 large beautiful prints
that are published as a small edition.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Only 100 priced at $100

50/50 Split for the Club and Artist

Artist J. Childs is creating this portfolio to support the Sport of Curling.